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Thread: A quick laugh at the skiddies

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    A quick laugh at the skiddies


    By the time I was finished reading the commentary on this article, I was almost on the floor laughing.

    Some people truly never will learn.

    (It's the commentary I'm laughing about, btw, not the article, before I get flamed o.O)

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    Google as a stupidity force multiplier
    "alecm" wrote on Mon, 21 Nov 2005 08:17
    This is really turning into an interesting social experiment - I say one thing, some muppet decides it means another, and Google reinforces the latter.
    On Password Cracking Requests
    "alecm" wrote on Thu, 12 Jan 2006 10:22
    When will you guys realise that all I do with these requests is report them to your targets, and to your own systems administrators where pertinent?
    I've seen this kind of thing happen on a lot of sites..

    It's rather funny

    You made my day, SSJVegeta-Sei !
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    God, that was funny. The article was a decent read, but I couldn't believe those comments! I was about to make a post saying something, well....derogatory to the LJ kids, but then I saw alecm's post I got a great laugh.
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    I read this post earlier this morning (pre-coffee) and was asking myself why this was called "A quick laugh at the skiddies" as nothing about it was funny to me.

    Then, after finally waking up, I went back and looked again. OMG! That is funny!

    My favorite was:
    heehee..i wanan be cool liek the rest of the kids and ask for a password too! but the last time i asked a hacker to help me out i got my own copm hacked.. anyway..is it even possible for a person who pretty much knows nothing about hacking to find out anothers lj password? anyway i would tell you my juicy story of how my hubby is cheatign on me and how he and his lover adn stupid enough to keep an LJ and write all about it..and only recently they made it friends only. so really all i wanted to know is theres a way to get aroudn the friends only thing....
    Thanks for the post!! Great stuff!

    Note to self: "Read the whole linked article next time"

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    "ALYSSA" wrote on Mon, 29 Aug 2005 07:58

    I am paying for a livejournal. And this girl has a livejournal, and the last time she used it was 3 years ago in 2001.

    re: Crypticide I: Thirteen Years of Crack
    "martin" wrote on Thu, 24 Mar 2005 03:45

    hey me too like tommy said..i want the password of a livejournal account...email me at punkedstar@bellsouth.net

    the account is: her_disaster_ox

    thank u very much if u find the password

    [click here to reply]

    "Nadine" wrote on Sat, 30 Apr 2005 18:19

    What the **** is wrong with you? Why do you want my password?

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    Very good! That was funny. I read the whole thing, then I went back and checked dates and such. The little oinkers were hitting this site for more than a year with those lame requests. Amazing!

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