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    File Compression

    I would like to find out how to compress files down in size. I have several dvd/mpeg files (say about 1 gig each). I would like to compress these so that I can save them onto dvd-rw.
    Does the compression reduce the size of the file. I have installed both Winzip 10.0 and winrar. Both programs say that the file has been compressed, but when I click on properties, the size of the file is the same as before.
    Any suggestions.
    Many Thanx

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    If you want to be able to view the burned dvd-rw in your standard dvd player have a look here: http://www.videohelp.com/

    Basic compression information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_compression
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    Certain types of files do not compress well. In some cases the files can even be bigger after compression. Are you burning them to the dvd in hopes of playing them on a dvd player, or just burning them as data to store them? You will have to do certain things to the files and burn them a certain way if you want them to play in a dvd player. I'm pretty sure compressing them that way isn't one of them. I've used a program called iZarc which supports a bunch of different compression algorithms. You may want to google that and find where to download that and try compressing the files with different algorithms until you get a good compression ratio. Good luck.

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    If you are just compressing for storage reasons and not to be ablet o play while compressed, then here is what i suggest. Zip FIRST with win rar, THEN zip that winrar file with win zip, and bam instant double compression. Winrar is able to read winzip files, but winzip cannot read winrar files. when unzipping something that has been zipped this way, be sure to use winzip to unzip it first and then winrar.
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    Negative brought this up earlier.... and maybe now I am being hyper-sensitive... But your profile states:-

    network admin. / datal analyst / designing

    I have a really silly question. When I look at your profile you also list your experience... Who, on earth, employed you as a network administrator or a data analyst? Hopefully not the Defense ministry....

    While you do seem to be placing your questions in the appropriate forum here this isn't really a "help desk for the common man"... It's more about security with a side forum for those "odd" questions about computers....

    Maybe I'm being harsh.... I don't know.... I do know that you are becoming annoying to me with all the questions... Focus on something please.....
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    If your trying to compress mpg type files, then try DvdShrink.


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