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Thread: Most common types of traffic ?

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    Most common types of traffic ?

    Does anyone know of a resource or website that includes an analysis of the most common types of network traffic (e.g TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP etc). If so i'd be very greatful for a link

    80% of traffic is TCP
    10% of traffic is UDP

    Thanks in advance for any help,


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    What are you going to use it for? Why do you want to know? Traffic on the Internet or local LAN? You could just put a sniffer up on your local LAN (assuming you have permission) and observe the traffic.

    Not sure I understand why.

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    I agree with ric-o just run ethereal for a while and see whta kind of breakdown you get for the traffic over your network.
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    In my extensive experience gleaned by watching my network I can give you are pretty accurate answer. In order of volume highest to lowest:-

    1. Shopping, (often for shoes).
    2. Personal Banking
    3. Checking horoscopes.
    4. Reading inspirational material from religious web sites
    5. UDP, (the DNS requests for the above activity)
    6. ARP - this is rare and is only seen when the user turns on the computer. After that no local assets seem to be used.

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    As noted above it is higly dependent on your network configuration, what it's used for and who uses it. You need to create your own baselines..
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