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Thread: Seemingly Excessive heat

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    Seemingly Excessive heat


    I just built a computer for my friend and used all the stock cooling and followed all instructions. The computer works great, but I set up the temp monitoring programs first thing and they read that the mobo was too high and the CPU was fairly hot. Here's the system and temps. please tell me what you think:

    a8n32-sli deluxe
    amd x2 3800+
    2x1GB corsair ram
    512MB radeon x1600 pro
    Hitachi 80GB SATA
    all stock cooling
    very cheap case (possibly an issue?)

    CPU: 46
    mobo: 45-46

    untested at load because PC Probe said 45 was too high for mobo.

    I have added a 12cm fan pushing air out the back, which has helped a lot. Temps are now:

    CPU: 45
    mobo: 36
    CPU: 47-48
    mobo: 40-41

    Is this too hot? Why is it so hot and should i liquid cool? Money is not an issue but i dont want anything i dont need. sorry this is so long. thanks.

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    Celsius or Fahrenheit?

    Looks ok to me. My AMD64 and dual AMD-MP run at about the same temperature (in Celsius)..
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    I thought AMDs are known to run hot???

    Maybe normal as SirDice has stated???

    Why dont you google the chip and see what the normal settings...run temps are???

    and if other users have the same issue...

    Are you having issues due to heat...freezing up etc???

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    You really need a "Peltier", then you only have to worry about icicles on your CPU

    Actually, you used the stock "white gunk" when you should have used Arctic Silver; and you used the "stock" heatsink and cooler, rather than something from Antec or Coolermaster.......

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    Though you CPU temp's look fine, I completely agree with nihil...

    Your mobo looks decent, though still looks a tiny bit hot while under load for my liking... How many fans do you have running in your case? How many are set to intake and how many are set to outtake??
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    Well, I'm not sure if that's a good temp or not because I can't monitor my CPUs temperature, but I've seen 20C temps at load, try to increase the airflow or add bigger fans, and if you have a grill around your fan, make sure it's as simple as possible so it doesn't interfere with the airflow..

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    Your mobo looks decent, though still looks a tiny bit hot while under load for my liking...
    I would agree with The Duck on that one. You don't say what sort of load, but in my experience once you get above 50C you start to hit problems.

    Please look for an "exhaust fan"............these cost around $10 maximum, and attach to a PCI slot. They are not PCI so you can fit them below the MoBo if you have a tall enough case. They will shift between 40 and 60 cubic feet a minute...........that should drop your temperatures. I have been using them as standard in all my builds for the past 4 years or so.

    I also insist on using silver thermal compound, as it is 20X (2000%) more efficient than the "white gunk"

    I never buy the boxed retail kits............just OEM processors and fit a good quality fan/heatsink. The retail pack is not quite up for it, IMHO.

    Your "cheap case" should not be a problem from a heat issue, but it may be from a power supply one?................it may say "400Watts" but is that what it is delivering? I tend to use cases that would be around $50~60 in the USA. They are OK for normal commercial use. I would get a fancy one for high end graphics/gaming use.

    OK.............hands up............when I build something, I don't want to see it come back under warranty?

    Hope that helps

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    AMDs do run hot, my XP3000+ was over 60C on the stock cooler but down to about 35C on an Aerocool.

    @tt!tud3 I think everyone had given you sound advice. You need a front intake fan and a rear exhaust fan. 120mm if they will fit, they tent to be quieter than 80mm fans( just reread you've got one).
    If you can get a fan to blow over your HD that can be a good idea too. Some cases (ie Chieftec) have a mount in front of the HD caddy just for that. Or a HD cooler caddy can be an idea.

    Nihils exhaust blower is a good idea if you have space and especially if you havea gfx card that will run hot.

    Change the stock cooler to something by a 3rd party. Check the reviews before you buy. Doesn't need to be very expensive to make a difference. Silver compound makes a difference but can be tricky to apply, stick to the white goop if you're not comfortable with it.

    Change your IDE cables to round versions. the narrower profile helps air flow.

    Watch where you put the case, if it's under a desk make sure there is room for the air to flow in and out.

    If the case is cheap consider changing it especially if the PSU is equally cheap. I've found Antec cases to be good value with decent PSUs supplied. I've got a Cheiftec Dragon, it's very large but has lots of fan mounting points and the size makes it easy to work in. It came with a good 360W PSU. A cheap 500W PSU will be worse than a good 300W. Rememeber if the PSU blows it'll probably take a few things with it.

    You might also want to consider a small UPS if anything on the machine is particularly important to you.

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    am thanking you all guys for the quick response... i will follow all your suggestions.
    thanks again.

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