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Thread: VB6 - copying multiple files at once

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    VB6 - copying multiple files at once

    Hello All,

    I've been playing with VB6 a little and was wondering how someone could code this.

    I'm trying to copy several files with the same extention (ex: *.txt) from several folders to one.

    the command FileCopy only allows for one file at a time (that I know of)
    I tried using the shell "xcopy" command but only get the files from the directory that the VB program runs from.

    I wrote:

    private sub command1_click()
    shell "xcopy *.txt /s c:\backup"
    end sub

    but I don't get the same result as when I'm in DOS.

    Any suggestions, or corrections?

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    You probably need to set your current working directory to the appropriate directory for the xcopy.
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    Re: VB6 - copying multiple files at once

    private sub command1_click()
         shell "xcopy c:\*.txt /s c:\backup"
    end sub
    will work?
    Its not vb6 problem; is a working directory problem (as Juridian stated). If you dont specify source path, windows will assume current (or working directory).
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