From USA Today - their website has sooo many bright colors and shapes...:

World honors 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth
SALZBURG, Austria (AP) It's a birthday bash being heard around the world. The cobblestoned and turreted city of Mozart's birth was the focal point for Friday's 250th anniversary celebrations but the sound of the master's music was being heard around the globe.

Now with all of his accomplishments - what would Mozart do on his birthday if he were here today? Hmmmm... probably suing hordes of people for copyright infringements and Falco for slander/libel ( and partying with the money like it was 1799!

From the article:
Consider this: Mozart wrote his first symphonies before turning 10 and his first significant opera at 12. He was instrumental in changing opera into the form we enjoy today.
And here I was just trying to pass Engrish.

Happy B-Day Mozart!