In metro buses here back in pakistan people use to sell lots of stuffs like perfumes, medicine e.t.c. What happen yesterday, while i was coming back from a friend's place came across such salesman. A minute before he arrived another got off the bus selling perfumes so i thought must be something like that.

He started like this..... "Ladies and gentlemen you see lots of salesmen selling products in these buses, but i normally bring some amazing things everytime" The moment he said amazing i turned around and begining to watch.

I was expecting some product but he was holding lots of paper in his hand and pass them to few of the people. He said these are mobiles codes that you can use on Samsung and Nokia mobiles and then call out few of the codes with there features. He also said i am charging only 5 Rs only. I am charging 5 Rs for all the effort i have done to get these codes and he also said you can get them from websites. But i have given you more convienent way. One of the features he was repeating all the time was you can also send free sms with these codes. Believe me around 10 peoples purchased it from him.

All the way back home i was thinking, this technology has broden the mind of these salespersons too, one who came before this person wasn't able to sell a single product and this man can managed 10. Its just this technology is impacting on every aspect of human race.