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Thread: Computational Evolution?

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    Computational Evolution?

    I have heard that there is some sort of computational evolution algorithm, or something along those lines.

    From my understanding there is something called the "fitness function"? I have googled searched for the mathematical form of it, but even google_scholar has nothing (that is, nothing which is free AND has information ).

    So now I am s.o.l. Does anyone have any knowledge or references of this? It's all rather fascinating.

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    Mentioned it a bit in an evolution thread below. This is the way serious AI is going(back in my scholerly days I was a CS major focused on AI). Eventualy this will probably be how most programms are written. Its called evolutionary/genetic programming its a subset of evolutionary algorithms. I am not useualy a big fan of the wikipedia but this aretical is acurate (my hands on exericence is ten years out of date so this artical seems cutting edge to me, may not be any more)


    oh and its fitness landscape not fitness function. hope that helps.

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