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    Making a website from ground up

    Heya Guys, Just created a new website (still under construction)... Absolutely new at web administration. (it is for a gaming clan)

    Now, I did a little searching and found several phpbb vulns. (which is what I went with for forums and the like)

    Flat out; is this BB recommended ?

    I expect little traffic... Is this going to be a serious problem, and if it is, what BB do you guys recommend ?

    I need to get this thing up and running, and I hope to by the end of the week (even with BB and blogs and uploadable screenshots, etc....)

    Am also having trouble with css and the like.

    When I say I am new at web admin, I mean it. PM me if you guys want to give some pointers, I would really appreciate it.

    - Thanks a ton for anything
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    everything has vulns... and many of them
    i wouldnt worry about it. I used phpBB2 many times and never had problems, it is probably the simplest BB I ever used.

    and if you have any problems using it, the phpBB fourms located here

    are fast and very helpfull

    But i do see how you are worried... i typed in "phpbb" in google
    first link was www.phpBB.com

    second link was "phpbb HACKS".. but i think they mean more MODS then Hacks...

    Mods allow you to add cool options to your board.. file attachment, customize user options, and all you need to install them is notepad, and alittle *or a lot* of patience

    take care

    my 2 cents.. off to get my caffine for the morning
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    I completely agree every forum will have exploits. PhpBB, Invision Board, vBulletin, any of them. I personally only use phpBB. I would recomend jconserv.net if you need a free host, they update phpbb within a few days of a new version being released.

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    phpBB is pretty secure, just grab the latest build, and remember to keep it updated.
    And if you have to install custom templates just make sure that they are from a official site.
    As you get rogue coders whom add a little special code into the template that can give them admin access..


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    Ive adminstrated many of the major forum software, including vBulletin, invision, and phpBB. I would say by far the best is vBulletin from a feature standpoint, and a security standpoint. while vB does have exploits released now and then, i havent seen that many exploits used. This was on a major? hacking site with hundreds of thousands of visitors.

    but you have to pay for vB, which is why i would go next to invision, its got not quite as many features but its still got many. not quite as easy to use if i remember correctly, but still not that hard. I found it very resource intensive on both the clients browser, and the server.

    phpBB is free and simple to use. not very feature filled and generally restricted to a smaller forum size. while i have seen major websites running on phpBB, not many are around, not quite as resource friendly as vB but still better than invision in my experience. In the next major release though they have turned phpBB into a major contender for vB. When the next release is made (v2.3.x i think) it will be a much superior forum. dont know how far away that release is though. ive run snapshots of the future release and its looking very nice. of course with this next release itll probably be a few releases until the major vulns are fully worked out. ive noticed with phpBB that the first few releases of a major version tend to be a tad insecure.

    the current version of phpBB has been around a while and i havent seen a lot of vulns lately, but ive been out of that community for quite a while now

    and yes, the site phpBB HACKS is a mod site for phpbb, not a list of vulns lol


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