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Thread: wireless network?

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    wireless network?

    when a wireless network with a lock, how can we tell whether it's a wep or wpa lock?

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    In many cases you can't easily. Much of the WNIC software reports WEP as soon as it detects encryption even though the networok is WPA encrypted.
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    wep is a 64 bit encryption...not extremely difficult to figure out the password. example: E1 F3 A1 11 E4

    wpa is more complicated. alot harder to break into If it detects an attempt to break into your network it will shut the network down for 30 seconds

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    WEP can be 64, 128 , 152 or 256 bit.

    It depends if you are anyalising captured packets or just "sniffing" around picking up networks. WPA assigns a dynamic key where as WEP is a static key, hence the well known security flaw in WEP, if you can capture the relevant packets the hash will always be the same with WEP.

    WPA on the otherhand only has a valid key per "session" so if you capture the relevant packets but yet the hash constantly changes you know the network has WPA.

    Not a detailed discription i know but more of a "in a nut shell" discription, obviously it is a lot more in depth than this!

    Take a look at the advanced section here: http://www.tamos.com/htmlhelp/commwifi/aboutcvwifi.htm
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