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I'm looking to purchase an Anti-Virus program.
One that is updated regularly (daily). Not trying to be a smart a$$ but AV is slowly becoming very similar with just small differences. They all are _mostly_ reactive (yes SOME have intrusion prevention features) and have their performance issues and sometimes slow updates (ie.; one vendor will have a detection out faster than another one time and then vice versa another time).

Everybody's experience might be different based on how they use their computer. I have had good experience with AVG although their sigs are not always updated quickly. I've also had good luck with McAfee as far as sigs updated quickly and detection of critters BUT have had performance issues at times. Just my experience.

Just pick one, several have been mentioned on this thread, install it and most importantly: make sure it updates the signatures daily!

Make sure you practice defense-in-depth TOO and not rely solely on AV...
* Harden your operating system by turning off all unneeded services for example
* Keep your op sys updated (turn on Automatic Update for Win boxes)
* Install an anti-spyware program....actually TWO!
* Browse untrusted websites with non-IE web browser that has Active-X and JAVA turned off
...to name a few measures.