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Thread: What's the best anti virus program?

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    Avast = Free
    Mcafee ENTERPRISE = 's

    You get what you pay for.

    But on another note: I dont have the time to go through your list, but of the top of my head,
    QLowZones-4 trojan - is a Trojan that was discovered in Jan 2004, Proxy.Raser trojan
    late 2005 - I just can't beleive you when you say avast did not detect them.
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    I have a paid copy of AVG and haven't had any trouble with the 30 workstations using it. I still use a combination of firewall; malware detection and common sense to help.

    You could also do a combination of dual booting, one OS for regular things and the other OS for work. Make restricted users and USE them. I know so many people that surf the internet with their Admin account when they could play it safER by using a restricted account. Also, make some insane passwords for your admin and service acounts.

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