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    Windows 2000 Pro


    Well i was digging through my window's install Cd's and i've seemed to lost my windows 2000 professional Cd

    Anyhow i was wondering if there was a way to get the Cd replaced via microsoft.
    Would i need to order a new cd or is there a place on the microsoft website were i could enter in the details etc, and just download a new copy.?. and would i have to pay for it and a new license.?.


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    Hey Hey,

    You're gonna wanna check out http://support.microsoft.com/default...#91;ln];326246

    This article describes how to contact Microsoft for help with the following issues: • Replace lost, broken, damaged or defective Microsoft software disks.
    • Purchase product upgrades.
    • Replace broken or defective Microsoft hardware products.
    • Check the status on support orders.
    • Order downloadable service packs.
    • Replace missing manuals.
    Note The current owner must be in possession of the product and be able to provide proof of purchase of all products when making requests for replacements through the Supplemental and Replacement parts team. The Supplemental Parts team provides service for the United States (U.S.) and Canada only. Submit all foreign replacement part and service pack issues to the appropriate local subsidiary.
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    Since you legally own it I wouldn't see too much of an issue with you burning a new copy.
    Or maybe if you have a friend with 2000 Pro you can borrow his CD.

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    Originally posted here by @tt!tud3
    Since you legally own it I wouldn't see too much of an issue with you burning a new copy.
    Or maybe if you have a friend with 2000 Pro you can borrow his CD.
    Well it's cute you don't have a problem. However Microsoft would eat his testicles. Borrowing a friend's copy is against the EULA and not to mention ht showed how to do this already.

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    Hi Fronties~

    Please listen to HT~ & Gore. If you follow the legitimate route and they won't help you, you will have a much stronger case in court if you then do something "imaginative"

    A lot depends on your local Microsoft company and who you actually speak to I once rang them and asked for the marketing director...............I got the PA of course, but explained that I wanted a copy of DOS 3.3 on 5.25" media.......................I was not told to ********* off, it came in the post the next day................COMPLETE WITH A DOS 3.3 MANUAL!!!! and a "With Compliments" slip.

    Microsoft, and many other large organisations can be surprisingly helpful as it happens. In my experience the more bizzare the request the more likely they are to help; I suppose their jobs are as boring as ours, and it makes an interesting break?

    Good luck mate!

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    If you lost only the media (CD-ROM) but you still have CD-KEY, you can burn a new cd from any other cd media (of the same kind, OEM--> OEM, VLK--> VLK, Retail---> Retail, etc..) since the CD-KEY (that is the proof of license, not the media) is NOT attached to the media.
    It is NOT considered a piracy act (as MS told me when i asked the exactly same stuff in 2004).
    When asked by MS you should present CD-KEY and not the media.
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