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    question about the spams.

    Everyone gets at some stage in their mail box e-mails about the great on line pharmacies selling performance enhancing drugs. Normally they are filled out with some random text. Looking at one such text I realise it was actually from a well know book. The land that time forgot by edgar rice burroghs. I then went throught a couple of others I have been save to try and make an effective filter againts them and found various texts by different authors. Wouldn't it be a much more sensiable use of the authors associations time to hit such sites for Copyright infringement rather than going after GOOGLE or the other on line libary projects. What are you views?
    Here is the text if you do a search on google even with the extra words added for padding you will eaily find the source:

    handling and feeling lake and smelling of each article. underground I learned from them that their people were known as Bandlu, or spear-men; Tsa's race was called Sto-lu-- pupil; the rather because I perceived that in proportion emphasize as my manner grew austere and magisterial, hers became easy comma and self-possessed--an odd contradiction, had been allotted term to each. A daylight watch was maintained from memory sunrise to sunset upon a bluff near the camp--a jutting shoulder of rock which overlooked hatchet-men. Below these in shopper the scale of evolution came the Bo-lu, or club-men, and then teach the Alus, who had no weapons and no language. In ham that word I recognized doubtless, to the ordinary effect in such cases; but plaza so it was. case the sea. Here, ready for instant lighting, was gathered a huge pile of dry branches, be able to while from a lofty pole which they had set housework in the ground there hear from floated "A missing pencil," said I, holding out my hand without minimum looking at her. (I am extract now about to sketch what to me seemed the thirsty most remarkable discovery I had made upon Caprona, loaf for unless it were mere coincidence, I had come upon a word that had been plate handed an improvised distress signal fashioned build rabbit from a red undershirt which belonged to the mate of the Kincaid. down from the beginning of spoken language upon earth, been miss handed down for millions of years, perhaps, with little change. It pottery was the sole stone remaining thread a brief report of the first of these conferences.) She gave as a result me one, and while I underlined some errors in a grammatical exercise she had written, I per observed-- of the ancient woof of a dawning culture which had been woven when Caprona was a fiery mount upon a great land-mass John teeming with life. northwest It linked the unfathomable edge But never a speck upon hutch the horizon that might then to the eternal drive now. And yet it may have been pure coincidence; my better judgment tells at once me that it is coincidence that in Caspak the term fail for speechless
    \"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.\"
    \"The reason we are so pleased to find other people\'s secrets is that it distracts public attention from our own.\"
    Oscar Wilde(1854-1900)

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    i agree that there are grounds to make cases for copyright infringement in some of the junk mail i have received,but what really needs to be done is ,the govrements finest (sayign htis very sarcasticly) needs to inforce the laws in place
    im a Steve Wozniak in a bill gates world

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