Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2006 12:34 pm Post subject: Need a way out of a dead end job


Hi Everyone,

I am currently an ICT Technician in a school for autistic children. and I am trying desperately to secure a position higher than a technician. My current position see me configuring servers, networking cabling, installing Cisco switches and many other jobs which are too numerous to list. I have an HND in computer studies, plus various other BTECS in computers, plus I have worked in four diferent secondary schools in the past five years all as an ICT technician.

I have been for interviews for higher posts both in industry and at other schools, I am getting interviews but constantly get pipped at the post. One school I was interviewed for a systems engineer position they phoned and said you didnt get it, but the board really liked you but thought you were more of an ICT technician, he assured me more money would be involved if I accepted the Technician role. I didnt accept mainly because I felt it was a side step.

Can you guys give me some advice on where I should be heading Do, I need more training? Is there anything I can be doing to aid me in getting a higher position than I am currently at?