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Thread: This isn't supposed to happen, is it?

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    This isn't supposed to happen, is it?

    I've reseated my heatsink (SI-120) twice and I don't think it is tight enough. If I grab it and wiggle it, it moves. I think the heatsink should be on so tight that it won't move at all, do you think it should be tighter? I'm thinking of sanding the little feet under the mounting bracket down a bit so the brack will be lower and the clamps will be tighter, do you think I should do that? This could also be the reason why my temps are so high... If this doens't work, I'm gonna just rip the IHS off my CPU I really don't think my CPU should ever go above 50C at only 1.475V... this sucks. My only other thought is that my mobo is reporting wrong temps...

    Maybe I could take the IHS off and replace that thermal goo AMD puts under it and apply some AS5 directyl on the core and then put the IHS back on....that could be a good idea.

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    A bit of wiggle (couple of mm) is quite normal. you don't want the HS so tight it might crack the CPU die.

    AS compound is superior to the white goo you normally get supplied with a HS but it is electrically conductive so you have to be careful how you apply it.

    You could lapp the bottom surface of the HS to get a better contact without more pressure.

    If it's a stock (OEM) HS then a temp of 50C+ wouldn't be surprising. Try changing it to a 3rd party HS even the cheap ones are better then the OEM. Also improve the airflow within your case.
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    Movement is not a problem but check that it is touching the CPU. If it is not touching it, you have the wrong type of heatsink fitted.

    Defo use AS compound, as to what temperature your CPU should run at, well if you tell us what CPU you have ...............
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    if you not sure about temerature fo cpu check it here:

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