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Thread: It's Cleaning Time

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    It's Cleaning Time

    Alright, so uhh the dust on my computer is getting very noticable now lol. I would like some tips. First off, what should I be using, a rag or some dustoff stuff? And if I should be using both, on what parts? And if anything I dont know about please tell me.

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    Hey Hey,

    This should give you everything you need


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    Ok well without knowing what parts need cleaning its a little hard, but ill give it a shot.

    Keyboard: I prefer to just take the whole thing apart and clean it with a soft rag and some rubbing alchohol as well as one of those air dusters. Now when i say take it apart i mean it. I pop all the keys, the rubber contact layers thats above the board EVERYTHING gets cleaned.

    Mouse: well when i used to have a track ball i would pull the ball out and scrape all the black crap off of the three rollers, but since i am now wireless and optical, and you thought i was gonna say ball-less , i don't bother cleaning my mouse beyond a alchohol rubdown ont he battery contacts every month or so.

    Monitor: treat it like a window and wipe it down

    PC: Air duster all the way. There may be other ways to safely clean the inside of your pc but i have always found that air dusters are fast and effective means to get the dust out of allt he hard to see places.

    Game controlers: i do occasionally take apart my other devices such as my ps2 like controller, joystick and whatnot. I do NOT reccomend this unless you either are very comfortable with taking apart electronics and being able to put them back together again in WORKING order.

    As always there is the risk of breaking something when you take it apart, so if you at all feel uncomfortable taking things apart dont. Just use the air-duster and do as good a job as you can, or find someone that can to the take apart because you will get a much more efficient cleaning that way.
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