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Thread: Winamp Zero-Day Exploit

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    Winamp Zero-Day Exploit


    I just saw the following advisory on SANS

    While we're on the topic of audio software, there's a 0-day exploit out today for Winamp 5.12 that allows remote code execution via a crafted playlist (.pls) file. The proof-of-concept exploit suggests using an iframe to trigger a 'drive-by' attack on anyone unlucky enough to visit a website containing a malicious iframe; say, third-party advertisers and forum websites--the usual vectors for this sort of thing.
    Secunia's got a nice writeup of it here.
    Secunia has it as an Extremely Critical vulnerability.

    Just a heads up! Watch yourselves!

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    Thank you for the warning!

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    And, the WinAmp update is available. See the web site above.

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    Sorry about the double post, but Ed at ISC says:

    Update Jan 31: There's a sploit in the wild for this one. Have you patched yet? The kiddies will come a-callin' soon. --Ed.
    Check it out at: http://isc.sans.org/

    Git 'er done!

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