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Thread: how rude to ask for a password

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    how rude to ask for a password

    Has anybody heard of this site ( and why they blatantly ask for email addresses and PASSWORDS of there users? I took a screen shot from this test.
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    Where do they ask for passwords at? I don't see anything on the link you provided.

    EDIT> ok just saw your screenshot.......I sure wouldn't give them any information like that.
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    Never give out you password...

    Just lie...give them false info...see what happens.

    although...... some people will fill that in.....

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    Hey Hey,

    This is becoming more and more popular with sites.... some people wrote a few easy to use structures for accessing the internal contents of the popular web-based email systems and it's being abused...

    I have done it on numerous occasions with my hotmail account... I don't use it for anything important and the password is unique...

    Bebo, WAYN, Hi5 are just a few examples that ask you for the account information and your password... They all do different things..

    The example posted above will troll your address book, and in the end give you matches from it's database so you can see your friends results.. you'll tell your friends, they'll do it... and silently in the background tickle is amassing a huge db to sell to spammers, scammers and everyone else..

    With sites like Bebo, WAYN, Hi5... they email all your contacts and invite them to join the site... match you with users already joined and then store the addresses..

    Unfortunately with sites like TrueSwitch which is coming with more and more of the large ISPs these days... people are accustomed to entering their details and think nothing of it...

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    The website's IP is in Dshield's attackers list.
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    Originally posted here by ByTeWrangler

    The website's IP is in Dshield's attackers list.
    This is along what I was going to ask. Is it possible that was hi-jacked and people are giving their email address and password to someone else? ...unless of course they have been malicious from the start!

    Isn't tickle that same site that does that lame IQ test you always see on the banners?

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    I am going to sign the Specialist up for all of them..............and his cardboard box if they want it

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    Best way is to use password manager with random password generator for each new site where registration is requid.

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    This reminds me of that website claiming to help you "hack" hotmail accounts.

    Just provide that site with the target e-mail account,
    Your e-mail address (to give you the password), and,
    Your password for your hotmail account

    And the sad part is many kiddies believed it would work.

    Add: Here's a link to an example of what I'm talking about
    Also, read the comments on the page for a good chuckle.

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