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Thread: question re: evision megapro

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    question re: evision megapro

    Hi, my name is Joe, and I purchased an eVision MegaPro digital camera through AOL about four years ago, and I've used it often, but just recently I heard that the initial download supposedly contained a keylogging program. After googling the topic it seems to be common knowledge, although it came as news to me just a few days ago.

    I currently have Windows xp, but was using the camera with Windows 98 up until just recently. Is this a real problem? Have people's privacy actually been violated by the download of this cam program, or is it all just a bunch of hype?

    Thank you for your time - j.d.

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    Hi jduprey,

    I looked into this a bit and found some pretty amazing stuff. I am suprised to see it, to say the least. Here is some information you may find useful though:

    Found at: http://www.spywaredb.com/remove-cbrowser-dll
    A component of the driver for an Oregon Scientific digital camera, DShot III, model DS6888A. The web cam function of this particular camera seems to work fine without cexplorer.dll. Works with the ComLib.dll; other files are always active in spite of the camera status. Traces all Windows activities & does not show on Task Manager or WinTaskPro. The Win XP driver is latest & not MS certified: http://www2.oregonscientific.com/con...ownloads.html. No registered files seem to use cexplorer.dll, although it uses a number of Windows system files. CExplorer.dll is known to conflict with Anti-Spyware Software. If this file is removed, Anti-Spyware Software should run fine -- & so should your digital camera. You should remove it from your system as soon as possible.
    Here are some removal instructions: http://www.2-spyware.com/remove-evision-megapro.html

    Hope this helps,
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    makes me wonder why they put the spyware in the program in the first place! - thanx - joe

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