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Thread: AMD stock is going nuts

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    AMD stock is going nuts

    I was looking at AMD stocks and they are just crazy right now. Intel has been pretty flat this year, but AMD stocks have gone up around 120%. They are at almost $35 a share right now. I was expecting $25 at the end of the year and they beat that and their growth is excellerating.


    This is AMD's growth in the last 8 months. They went from just over $14 to just under $35:


    Supposedly their growth today was because of what Michel Dell said at the CES:

    He also addressing the persistent speculation that Dell might adopt chips from
    AMD. "It's a distinct possibility," Dell told reporters following his speech. Pressed on the point, he said he "wouldn't want to speculate" on what role AMD might play.


    I see AMD's FX and X2 chips working great for the XPS gaming systems and some 1 and 2 way dual core Opterons in their servers. Let Intel hold 80% or more of Dell stocks, but let AMD sell where they deserve it the most and Intel struggles to compete.

    ...and Dell not too happy about the Intel/Apple deal and their quick launch of Yonah based systems:


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    NONE of your links work!

    so I take it you have shares in AMD? and your happy.. ..
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    I noticed that they are indeed up, but only on the year. Over a 5 year average, they have only recovered from a dip just recently.


    This could be why right here:
    From: Forbes
    Advanced Micro Devices is within weeks of getting its chips into Dell computers, says Doug Freedman with American Technology Research.

    The analyst says Dell (nasdaq: DELL - news - people ) will first use AMD (nyse: AMD - news - people ) chips in its notebook PCs, and later add them to its servers and desktop PCs. Such a deal has been rumored on and off for more than a year, but speculation has been increasing in recent weeks.
    BUY BUY BUY!!! J/K

    It certainly is not because of THIS , that's for sure!

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