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Thread: Mailing List based on country

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    Mailing List based on country

    People using Yahoo mail, Hotmail, or Gmail, ... come from all countries in the worlds.

    If I want to get a mailing list (in yahoo mail, hotmail, gmail) of people in a specific country (like people in French only, or people in Thailand only, ...), where can I get that ?

    And do you know its cost ?


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    I do not believe that this information is available unless you collect it yourself, via some sort of subscription.

    In a way this causes the proliferation of spam, as spammers would not willingly send their crap to people in countries that were not pertinent to their sleazy operations.

    I am personally irritated by "unsolicited invitations" for stuff that I would like, but then find that it is "USA and Canada" only. I have managed with stuff that you can download because there is a London in Ontario, and their systems generally cannot validate a Canadian postal code, which is rather similar to UK ones in format

    OK, I am guilty of "grey importing" (using international price and currency exchange rate differences to one's advantage) but that is not a crime.

    I could see an advantage in some sort of location marker to indicate the country, and hence its laws. That way people in countries with weak laws would get most of the spam and have a go at their politicos to fix them, to the benefit of the entire internet community.

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    If you have a specific product (specific here I mean specific to a country. For example, carry powder is specific to India, yoga books specific to Japan, ...), then there are only 2 ways to get the word out.

    Either put it on newspapers, or TV (how about Superbowl 2.5 mil/30 sec :-), which only the riches can afford. Or you mail out info to people.

    Eventually, if people not like the product, they will not buy it, no matter how many mails they got. If they don't like it, the more mails we send out, the more they hate us. A reverse effect.

    It's like everything in this world. It, by itself, is neither good nor bad. It becomes good or bad depends on the way we, the human, utilize it. Like the knife. You can use it to cut the food, to carve the wood. Or you can use it to kill a people.

    Spam is the bad way to use email for advertisement. It doesn't work anymore. I think every people know that.

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