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Thread: Grey AP

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    Grey AP

    When I giving out AP 100%+ , it shows like grey AP that is 0%+ . When I lookin in my APC.
    never know

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    Givin APs doesnt mean u'll get a green dots!!

    When u sign in, u get a green dot i.e. 10 marks(50% positive n 50% negative), read FAQs for more!!!!

    U got a Grey Dot at ur APC, coz u must hav got some negative APs, for ur post on AO.

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    That was a lot of acronyms. OK, so I think I understand your question. It can be found in the FAQ's as in Frequently Answered Questions, likely set up to prevent threads like this from starting.

    Anyway, you can find that here:

    Every user starts out with 10 AntiPoints. At this stage you can assign AntiPoints, however, they do not carry a value. This is visualized (by the AntiPoint receiver) by a grey dot whenever you give out AntiPoints. As soon as you gather 50 AntiPoints they will begin to carry a real value.
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    I can se what kind of "dots" that I gave to others. and it is just grey.

    I not got any AP at all , hehehe.... hope soon I will get some.

    Want to be happy at least once in life......

    ()(/(%!!"#joking 50%/50%

    I not posting something that is out of rulls range.

    If you click on "zoom" beside my nicname, then you will se all my posts. thay are not much.
    If you do not belive me.


    ty Deeboe
    I not good on reading.... and is drunk a bit right now...
    But It will take a moth...... ()(/(%!!"#joking 50%/50% not care
    never know

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    Originally posted here by migik
    I not got any AP at all , hehehe.... hope soon I will get some.

    Want to be happy at least once in life
    Well here you go , have some.

    You are no less deserving than the other stupid posts coming from the lazy " How do I do this" etc, etc

    " Clean a computer"
    "Search the web"
    "Wipe my arse"

    Grrrrr, humpphh
    Computer says no
    (Carol Beer)

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    You gave a grey dot because you don't have enough green ones to give any your case it has nothing to do with negative points assigned to you as has been suggested.


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    migik is an OK member in my opinion,

    He has been in contact, and I have explained the same as people have in this thread

    I believe that he needs 10/20/50 posts? as well?

    He now has a plentiful sufficiency of antipoints.


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    blah antipoints are over-rated.

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