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    6800GS installing as a 6800GT?!

    Is this normal? Windows will only recognise my new 6800GS as a GT. I've uninstalled absolutly everything driver related and reinstaled the newest 81.98 forcewares to no avail.

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    Well I would say lucky you ... The 6800gt is a better card, Though I hear the 6800GS is capable of OCing past even a 6800 ultra...

    I guess I would suggest trying a program like Everest and see what the readings are... I think they stopped supporting the free edition, but I'm sure you can find it somewhere with google...
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    ve uninstalled absolutly everything driver related and reinstaled the newest 81.98 forcewares to no avail.
    your not giving us much to go on:

    is this on a clean install of windows? if no:

    Check some hardware forums incase it is a known issue.. if it isnt then:

    is it causing any problems with the operation of the system..any at all, that is other than the difference in the suffix's? if the answer is no.. is it worth the worry..
    If it was me setting up a pc for a customer.. it has to be correct.. so..

    Did you clear all temp folders, that is C:\Temp, c:\Windows\Temp c:\Documents and setting\USER\Local Settings\Temp.. if not do so now..

    I assume you were able to identify ALL the inf files in the c:\windows\inf folder, and remove them as well? If not.. Clear your temps and prefetch folders.. then empty the recycle bin (yeh sounds silly).. do a system restore to before the card was installed.. restart and have another go at the install.

    Windows XP can be a Pig at times whith some hardware's drivers.. ask anyone with an adaptec a1200 raid adapter..
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