I am trying to code a VBScript that will record line by line in notepad (txt file) what an application is doing. For example, when I run "Install.exe", I want the script to monitor what files were dropped and what location they were placed in...
I figured I could do something like this with FileMon, but I'd rather have a script that I can easily edit out and replace the "install.exe" file with various others to see where the exe installs files to.

So far I was thinking I could use the >> command to get it to feed line by line in a text file, but that doesnt seem to work. An added note, the file is an exe, which when decompressed runs an MSI file that will actually do the installation of files.

Impossible to do? Better off in another language?
As always, I appreciate your help.

...Can you tell I am trying to set up something for automation?