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Thread: Cain for the Pocket PC!

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    King Tutorial-ankhamun
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    Cain for the Pocket PC!

    I just visited http://www.oxid.it/ and foun out they now have a version of Cain for Pocket PC. You can download it here:
    I don't have a PPC and more, could someone please test it out and let me know if it has the normal Cain's sniffing/ARP poisoning functions?

    Here are the features they do list:

    Cain for PocketPC (ARM) v1.1 released. Download it here.
    - PocketPC 2003 device with an ARM based microprocessor architecture (eg: ipaq6515, Qtek 2020, Qtek 9090 ....).
    - Microsoft Windows CE or Windows Mobile operating system.
    - 5 Mb of free memory
    - Rainbowcrack-online client (works with any Internet connection available such as GPRS, ActiveSync .... ).
    - Dictionary Attacks for the following hash types: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, RIPEMD160, CiscoPIX, MySQL v3.23, MySQL v3.23 + challange, MySQL SHA1, MySQL SHA1 + challange, LM, LM + challange, NTLM, NTLM + challange, NTLM Session Security.
    - Hash Calculator.
    - Base64 Password Decoder.
    - Cisco Type-7 Password Decoder.
    - Cisco VPN Client Password Decoder.
    - VNC Password Decoder.
    - Microsoft Messenger Password Decoder.

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    Indeed...i will give it a whirl when i finish work.
    There seems to be quit a collection of little niceties for the pocket pc now

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    I cant wait to get my PPC back now. I saw it came out a little while ago but im letting a friend borrow my old pda since I bought a Palm TX. My old one doesnt have wifi but I can at least try her out through active sync. I cant imagine it works all to fast though what to PPC's go up to now somethin like 627mhz? You would kill your battery life trying to brute force anything am I wrong?

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    King Tutorial-ankhamun
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    Looks like he just put out version 1.2. Anybody test it yet to see if it can sniff and arp poison?

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