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    site advisor

    This extension/plugin for IE or FF may be of use for those interested in what sites they visit...

    SiteAdvisor helps protect you from all kinds of Web-based security threats including spyware, adware, spam, viruses, browser-based attacks, phishing, online fraud and identity theft.

    Our automated testers continually patrol the Web to browse sites, download files, and sign-up for things with e-mail addresses. As you search, browse, download or register online, SiteAdvisor's safety ratings help you stay safe and in control.
    Might be useful on PC's where users are online, or just another measure of how to protect the user from malicious websites, at least it can be educational.....


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    Very useful. One thing to note is that some sites which attempt the drive-by d/l of the WMF exploit show up as green. I of course reported the page. Currently it has a few problems. And the servers did crash once after I got my extension, and that was when they got slashdotted. Very few servers can withstand a slashdotting with the exception being google.

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