Cracking the Code - A guide to reverse engineering
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Thread: Cracking the Code - A guide to reverse engineering

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    Cracking the Code - A guide to reverse engineering

    Hi members!
    This is Abhishek in here with my first tutorial. Since it is an illustrative one so I cant fit it in here. So I have uploaded it on my website. All things are packed so you can get the tools illustrated and dont have to beg/search for them.

    So if you have got the burning desire to reverse engineer apps and make them run YOUR WAY... goto ... you can also find it linked in
    You will need some basic background in programming and understanding a bit of assembly. There are many tuts for beginning ASM... do ask the google devata for them.try Art of Assembly -

    Dont read it whole... it will take you ages... basically try to inderstand few basics that lets you understand a disassembled executable's working (jump mechanism).

    Happy Cracking!

    - Abhishek (spaceweb1 [at]
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    Do people even bother READING the terms of this site, or what it is about ?
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