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Thread: Cracking the Code - A guide to reverse engineering

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    Cracking the Code - A guide to reverse engineering

    Hi members!
    This is Abhishek in here with my first tutorial. Since it is an illustrative one so I cant fit it in here. So I have uploaded it on my website. All things are packed so you can get the tools illustrated and dont have to beg/search for them.

    So if you have got the burning desire to reverse engineer apps and make them run YOUR WAY... goto http://newman2001.roachhost.com/ ... you can also find it linked in http://www.undernetwork.com/portal/
    You will need some basic background in programming and understanding a bit of assembly. There are many tuts for beginning ASM... do ask the google devata for them.try Art of Assembly - http://www.planetpdf.com/developer/...?ContentID=6633

    Dont read it whole... it will take you ages... basically try to inderstand few basics that lets you understand a disassembled executable's working (jump mechanism).

    Happy Cracking!

    - Abhishek (spaceweb1 [at] rediffmail.com)

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