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Thread: Phantom Signature

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    Phantom Signature

    I have noticed that at times when i post my sig. will show, but other times its just not there. It doesn't matter if i use the post reply or the quick reply button, it seems to happen randomly with my posts.
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    Right from the FAQ's mate:

    After you have registered, you may set your signature. This is a piece of text that you would like to be inserted at the end of all your posts, a little like having headed note paper.

    You have the option to include your signature on any posts you make. If you have specified a signature, then AntiOnline will automatically append your signature to any messages you post.
    Note that your signature only shows up on the first post you make in a particular thread. If you post more than one reply in a thread, your signature will only show up on the first post.

    You can disable signatures on a per-post basis by un-ticking the 'Show Signature' checkbox when you compose your message. You may turn the signature on and off on posts you have already made by editing the post and altering the state of the 'Show Signature' option. You can set your signature by editing your profile.

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