An unusual comparison, for sure, but finally we can compare x86 to PPC on a level playing field (well, on Apple hardware, anyway). The results were actually quite interesting, since Apple made it very easy to disable one of the cores on the Duo. In some instances, the Duo really flew, but in other cases, the G5 still came out on top. I suppose some of the advantages have come from years of optimization for the G5.

Interesting things to note:
-Intel Macs use more memory than PPC Macs
-The Duo consumes less energy than the G5
-G5's have terrible memory latencies!
-The G5 actually was quite competative with single core x86.
-Look for x86 Macs to pull away even more, since OSX will start being more optimized for x86 (with the help of Intel compilers).

So far, no one can boot to Windows XP on an Intel mac. The main issue is that Intel Macs use Intel's new BIOS chip, which isn't supported at all by WinXP. When Vista arrives, this new BIOS architecture should be supported, so maybe then a dual boot Mac is possible.