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Thread: Samba4 as Active Directory server! Finally!

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    Samba4 as Active Directory server! Finally!

    The Samba team have announced the technology release (pre alpha) of the much anticipated Samba4!

    For those who aren't familiar with Samba, it is an open-source NT like file/print server for Unix/Linux. Up until now, it was unable to fully compete with the likes of Windows Server 200x because of Microsofts close standard protocol, Active Directory, which is used to manage most aspects of the client systems in a domain.

    Just last month, Microsoft announced its release of source code from Windows Server to meet compliance with the European Commissions ruling in 2004. This effectively forces Microsoft to supply companies and projects (such as Samba) with specifications relating to their proprietary communication protocols, ie: Active Directory, once again allowing competition back into the currently monopolized server market.

    Slashdot - Samba 4 Technology Preview Released

    ZDNet - New Samba targets Active Directory

    Microsoft To Release Windows Server Source Code

    Samba - Release Notes

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    Definitely need to check that out. I have avoided some critical deployments of SAMB due to its lack of Active Directory. Meaning you had to turn on older LAN MAN authentication which today is a risk.
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    unfortunatly they say it'll be three years before its ready for the production environment...more than enough time for an interesated party to become very well versed with it for when it is ready. AD compatability now thats really interesting.
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    Looks like your life might get a little easier soon.

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