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    i want to buy this one...

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    Someday, someone will be posting a ad of the computers we use these days, laughing at us for using such weak computer.
    Come to UnError.com

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    we had those babies installed in my old factory
    and when they 'upgraded' to 4MB of RAM to each unit, the memory was delivered by securicor in an armoured truck

    I inherited the bosses PPA's PC
    a fabulous 486DX2 66MHz CPU 300 MB HDD 16 MB RAM
    Heady days indeed
    55 - I'm fiftyfeckinfive and STILL no wiser,
    OLDER yes
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    I remember my first PC..
    An XT with it's whopping 12Mhz intel 80286 (and a math co-processor) 1Meg of memory and the gigantuan 20Meg harddrive.. Both 3.5" and 5.25" Floppy drives and MS DOS 4.1 !
    Ah.. those were the days..
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    This is nothing. There was a thread.... about two years ago I started. It showed ads from all over. Computers, HDs, RAM, everything. The best was a 20 MB HD for like $10,000.00

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    In the Uni where I did my post grad they had a mainframe which they paid about £100,000 for 64k RAM in the 70's.

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