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Thread: Internet access problem in the home network

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    Internet access problem in the home network

    Dear AOers,

    I am in UK and I use to use NTL broadband now I have moved to AOL Broadband.

    I have win2kserver with 2 other winXP clients.

    I have 2 NIC, where I use to get NTL broadband in 1 NIC and give internet to other 2 computer from another NIC using hub.

    I have setup win2kserver as a DHCP server and enabled Routing and Remote access.

    But now AOL broadband comes from USB


    1 NIC, that use to get NTL Broadband is empty, I do not have access to NTL Broadband any longer

    I can receive Internet in the server from AOL Broadband but not in clients

    cases are

    1. I can ping from both client to server and server to client
    2. I have changed the DNS address of the interface to AOL DNS address, which was previously giving internet to client.
    3. I have also enabled DNS in the server

    But I cannot get internet on clients why ?

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    You may have to reconfigure the ICS or uninstall/reinstall it if
    it doesn't see the usb device as the outgoing interface.
    You may also want to talk to AOL, because they some times do things

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    I am not using ICS, Remote and routing access is giving internet to client by NAT,

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    Are you routing and NAT'ting on the right interface? Sounds like it's still setup to route/nat on you your "old" ethernet interface.

    NB Make it easy on yourself and configure ICS..
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    I didn't bother on ICS because once I enabled the RRAccess with NAT using NTL DNS server address in 2nd NIC which was giving internet to clients work with no mistakes, stable, reliable and no problem for a year and a half. When I did ICS, it was causing some problem time eo time.

    Should I try ICS ince ? may be thank you sir.

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