Hello AOers! I know this is a litle of topic but if anyone has a solution, I'll apreciate it

I have a litle PDA Sony Clie modem PEG SJ-22.
One day I was wondering if I can get rid of PalmOS
and put some Linux kernel in it.
Surfing on the web I found a site for Clie SJ-20/22
with information how to upload and boot a linux kernel.
Thats ok, it worked! But now I have another big problem.
To send something or just do anything with this Linuxed PDA
I need a serial cable connected to a pc and something like
HyperTerminal, minicom or just telnet to get the job done.
But the real problem is that this specific pda has a USB Cable.
And I am wondering if someone knows a program (linux app, win, anything)
doing this. Or if I can connect through usb with minicom, nc or something
like this and there is a special parameter / command that I dont know.