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Thread: Possible Outlook Virus "..."?

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    Possible Outlook Virus "..."?

    A friend of mine just recieved an email attachment named, "..." It references his temp folders. He can not download it. Has anyone here ever come across something like this?

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    may i ask for complete mail ??
    your friend should handle the "..." (???) by using the webmailer ...
    (if exists)
    do NOT delete!
    pls send to me... (addressexchange via pm)
    ----| i got only one undownloadable mail in my life using outlook
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    Is he running the latest version of Outlook?

    I seem to recall that one of the enhancements was a virus protection mechanism. There should be an option "Do not download attachments that might be unsafe" or something along those lines.

    If that is set, and I believe it is the default, then Outlook itself may be preventing the download. I an not sure how it works, but I guess it just blocks executables.

    I would suggest that your friend contacts the sender of the mail to find if they really did send it, and what the attachment is about BEFORE attempting to retrieve this item.

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    Yeah, depending which version of outlook you are using, Go Tools > Options > Security > Attachment Security then select the relevent setting you want from the windows that opens up.

    If you select none, you may want to change it back to what ever it was on before after you have opened the attachment!

    I have an old version of Outlook (2000) so yours maybe different but I shouldn't imagine it would be toooo different.
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    Outlook - from Office 2003
    Tools > Options > Security > Change Automatic Download Settings

    options here are :-
    Don't download pictures or other content automatically in HTML e-mail

    Permit downloads in e-mails from senders and to recipients defined in the safe senders and safe recipients lists used by the junk E-mail filter

    Permit downloads from websites in this security zone : Trusted Zone

    Warn me before downloading content when editing, forwarding, or replying to e-mail

    also :

    Actions > junk e-mail > junk e-mail options
    gives you a lot more options for your settings
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