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Thread: Statistical Death Clock

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    Statistical Death Clock

    I've been working for a while on a "statistical death clock" (I haven't decided on a name yet, although I've gotten some great suggestions). I got tired of the Death Clock's retarded algorithm (all it does is use the average US life expectancy and substract some simple values based on BMI - and a bunch of years if you smoke), so I calculated some of my own.

    A first version is available here: http://stats.eburonum.com

    All data are based on a 1,500 page CDC report [1], and I'm pretty sure all the algo's I extracted are accurate - which basically means that my thing is giving you the exact - statistical! - chance of you dying, complete with the cause of death and everything... ain't life wonderful!

    For now, it should tell you:

    - Your chance of dying within the next year
    - If you die within a year, it will tell you what your chances are of dying from, for example, a chronic liver disease or a neoplasm of the cervix uteri...

    I'm looking for suggestions - layout, presentation, whatever... Or if anyone feels like re-coding my stuff...

    A first one I just figured out is that when you indicate you're a male, it shouldn't tell you that you could die from a neoplasm of the cervix uteri

    [1] http://stats.eburonum.com/mortfinal2002.pdf (PDF - 2MB)

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    Blast.. didn't have the weight class I'm in under the drop-down box.

    That was a joke guys....
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