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Thread: so do you guys recommend the video ipod

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    so do you guys recommend the video ipod

    1. is video playback battery intensive?

    2. how bad does it skip. can I jog w/ it or is that unrealistic

    3. is it gonna last 1 year just like every other ipod. if so how much is the insurance and will they replace it for a new one

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    1. probably

    2. You can run while watching video and not run into anything? Impressive. If it's storing video like it stores music, you can probably play catch with it without it skipping - it's all electronic data. I wouldn't float test it though.

    3. Your guess is as good as mine. That 1 year thing worked nicely for their purposes though - made 'em lots and lots of money. My best guess is probably. I have no idea how much the insurance is, or for that matter where on this earth I'd buy "IPOD insurance."
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    Well, after doing some googling I found this and found it pretty amusing:

    However, after reading that site a little more, it turns out that their policy has changed and you can now request a new ipod battery for $59 + $6.95 S&H

    To answer your question you might want to check out this site:

    Also, I doubt that your ipod would skip while jogging but can't assure it. Might want to look around for some ipod forums to see if it does. As far as I'm concerned (i'm not sure if it's ONLY the ipod nano though) they're no moving pieces, according to apple, therefore removing the skipping factor.

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    pretty sure it wont skip, it is all solid state storage in ipods now. If you buy an ipod from bestbuy I know the offer inshurance which covers a battery.

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    The new iPods don't have a hardrive, but rather run on a flashdrive disk, which has no needle to speak of, so it won't skip

    The battery life will suck out like crazy compared to just music play. Remember, that little device must decode the video in 30fps and display the different colors to the pixels on the screen. When music playback, all it displays is the progress bar.

    I wouldn't recommend the insurance if you can DIY for fixes like battery replacements, and there are many sites where you can purchase parts. Besides, consider how much money you'll put aside before it breaks and then you'll have to deal with the claims department who'll throw you through hoops before giving you the new pod (or stiff you with repairs instead....)

    My two cents

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    I was one of the minority at the time who embraced the 1st Generation 10Gig iPod I loved it, in fact it was one of the best things I'd ever bought, but recently it was time for an upgrade, so my girlfriend got me the 60Gb one for Xmas.

    A video on there is really crisp and the screen is at a size where it's easy to watch something on without having to squint. Transferring a DVD you own is easy too, Stir Crazy which is 1 hour 47 minutes weighed in at just over 700Mb.

    Obviously the batteries run down quicker when playing video, it is after all outputting audio through your headphones and moving pixels around the screen. You can play up to 3 hours of video on the 60Gb model and 2 on the 30Gb. However you can buy something that plugs into a those headphone jacks on airplanes and trains that charge your iPod on those long journeys.

    I've had my 1st gen for 5 years I think which is a long time in technology years. Lets face it an iPod is an iPod and there isn't that much more they can add to it at the minute apart from Bluetooth and or wireless file transfers. Upgradable firmware enables support for future video formats too.

    And yes you can jog with it. I've never known an iPod to skip since it has a substantial cache.

    The only downside I would say is the touch wheel, I much preferred the scroll wheel that was on the 1st gens, it actually moved but maybe I just need to get used to it.

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    My father got one for free somehow (we have connections ) and I'm the only one that uses it. I was surprised to find the video was quit nice and watchable, and it won't skip. But is it worth the money? I can't really answer that, I got mine for free, but my guess is yes .

    As for the ipod lasting over a year, there are a couple of Ipod's in my family and each has lasted over a year so far...

    BTW, I was unaware that they switched from the small toshiba HDD's and wen't went to flash drives...
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    i brought one just so i could be in the in crowd. anyhow there value for money in my books. And it's fun to be able to watch pr0n were ever you are.
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    to speak to the warranty half of it unhappy, I am not sure where you are thinking of purchasing it but I know if you get the PSP or ESP (best buy/circuit city) depending on the stage of the life cycle the product is in they will more than likely send it off to the service center where they will either replace your battery/other problem and ship it back to you in about 2-4 weeks (closer to 4). Typically the warranty is an additional 50 bones. so if you are expecting the battery to go bad in 3 years then it might be worth looking at.
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    so you are saying that even the "video ipod"

    w/ the 60 GB have solid state memory... NO WAY!?!?!

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