I am a student attending to be a network administrator and I am disappointed in the amount of anti hacking we learn at ITT Tech. I would think that we are being trained to maintain a network and prevent hackers from breaking in.

I am curious what possible things can be done when you have a ip address of a target.

- Port scan (what would you look for besides open ports?)
What can be done with ports that are not closed?
How can you access ports that are open?
-How can you discover what is on the end of that ip address?
With or without a firewall?
How could you tell?
-How would you determine what the biggest security risk is as a network administrator?
What should be monitored the closest if you are expecting a malicious person to damage something from outside the network?

I have so many questions like this that I should be learning in my classes but so little answers.....

Also I have just started to use Cisco routers and notice there are tons of security risks if these are not set up correctly. Of course physical access to one of these is a HUGE risk because there is nothing you are able to do when someone has a laptop plugged into the physical interface of these. What should be double checked to ensure no outside risk is open and why.

I am just looking for advice, things you would recommend to research. Things that my teachers probably don't know or would not tell us THE THINGS NETWORK ADMINS NEED THE MOST....

Please go off the subject of what I have asked about. I would like to know everything to know about managing security risks and how to spot them.