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Thread: Name That Antispam!

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    Question Name That Antispam!

    Ok, quick, easy question --

    One of our clients has asked me to install a specific antispam program onto his computer, BUT he doesn't remember what it's called. The best he can tell me is that in the taskbar, it appears as two faces, one smiling and one frowning.

    Any idea which program fits that description?

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    Hey Hey,

    Can't say that I've heard of one that fits that description.... I'm used to Fluffy the SMTP GuardDog.. http://smtpfilter.sourceforge.net/#5a1

    However, if no one here has a quick response for you.. you may hit pay dirt with http://email.about.com/cs/winspamrev.../anti-spam.htm <-- Top 10 Windows Anti-Spam software..

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    mail cleaner express?

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    Well while everyone is mulling over that quandry, allow me to tell you the specials of the day: We have spam spam spam bacon eggs and spam, spam spam baked beans and spam, and our chef's special a light pinot gringo sauce pured over a pound of our finest prawns, fresh steamed greens with a butter dipping sauce and spam.
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    and for dessert a nice frozen spamsicle

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