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Thread: spam and murder

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    spam and murder

    Spammer goes broke, kills family.

    "The picture we had was of a young couple starting out with a healthy future," Coakley said. But in reality, she said, "he had no money and really had no assets."

    Among his Web site ventures: Millionmaker.co.uk, which promised customers as much as $6,000 in monthly earnings; srpublications.co.uk, which offered a manual that it said would help men enlarge their penises; and srpublications, which offered software at reduced prices on eBay.

    The lure of easy money, and despair.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    I guess thats how he unsubscibed them.

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    unfortunate for his family but do i feel bad for him?? HELLS NO!!!!

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    Can anyone tell me how the world turns? and would it help me understand anymore than I do now? Why does this happen? why is neighbours still going after all these years of students swearing blind that they don't watch it?
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