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    Ok, I give up, spent a couple of days trying to figure out what this means , what is encoding, and what does it mean to encode something.

    Any help would be super, this is driving me nuts.

    the Frond
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    Well in general terms, and you haven't given us any specific context:

    Encoding is taking one set of characters/symbols and translating them into another.

    So, I might take A-Z and encode them as 1-26. This is not the same as encryption , as all I have done is converted alphabetic characters to numeric ones.

    Another simple example: Save Our Souls (S.O.S) = ... --- ... in Morse code.

    I would need a more specific question or at least the context in which you encountered the term to be more specific.

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    A dictionary could help!

    1 [T often passive] to change something into a system for sending messages secretly, or to represent complicated information in a simple or brief way:
    Many satellite broadcasts are encoded so that they can only be received by people who have paid to see them.
    Some music CDs are now encoded with information about the performers and their music.

    2 [I or T] SPECIALIZED to use a word or phrase in a foreign language in the correct way:
    Grammatical information helps learners to encode sentences.
    Compare decode.

    (from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)


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    This site is useful for understanding Computer TerminologyINTL Glossary

    Not to sound like a smartar*e but Google is your friend???

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    ok, actually, that all really helps, I have a starting point now, there was no specific question, because I didn't know what I was asking, I am new to a lot of the stuff on this site, and I have become absolutely intrigued, so when I come up against a brick wall of which I could not make sense, I just ask. I don't mind smartarse comments at me, because I throw them at others, it make things fun.

    Google is my friend, yes, but in this case, he refused to make me a cup of tea.

    Don't worry, my shrink can help me with the rest

    Thanks, I can work with this now.

    Jonny Palm Frond
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