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Thread: Questioning my teacher

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    Questioning my teacher

    I'm just a junior at my high school and I'm currently taking a Business Procedures class. It was before this class that our teacher (let's call him Mr. Smith) talked to us about a friend of his in a business, I'm not sure of, not being intellectually informed on computer usage, and his salesmen (who I assumed knew how to run them) being on vacation. He asked us students to teach him on the fundalmentals of computers. I think he said something about printing receipts. Anyways, I was just wondering about your thoughts on this... asking us high school students and all. Best idea? Suggestions?


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    [Edit] He also mentioned we'd be paid and his friend would find time to work with us around our schedules (after school or hangin' with friends).[/Edit]
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    I'd say let me in on this teaching the teachers gig, I'd sure like the payment .

    But seriously, asking the student's about technology is probably one of the best thing's to do. After all, we grew up around them. But asking a business class? You would think he would find more knowledgable student's in a tech class. I'm not saying you guy's don't know your computers, I'm just saying if I were in his shoes, I'd go asking the tech class and teacher...
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    He also mentioned we'd be paid and his friend would find time to work with us around our schedules (after school or hangin' with friends)
    From a different view...run from it like it's evil! That person has plently of other options and there is way too much of that corrupt stuff going on anyway. He does not need to be around High School Students!

    In my humble opinion, Mr Smith is just trying to pimp you folks out to his friends.

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    I agree with what's been posted...it seems a bit fishy or odd that he didnt ask students in tech classes. Does not seem logical what's he's doing.

    If you decide to do it...be cautious:
    1) tell your parents where you'll be and tell them to check in with you periodically (every 1/2 hr?)
    2) tell that teacher your parents know where you are
    3) DONT go alone...make sure there's two of you and make sure you are together at all times
    4) hell...ask him why he's not asking techie students

    Go with your instinct...you are obviously a little suspicious/cautious because you asked.

    Stay safe buddy!

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    A lot of good suggestions from everyone that posted. I just wanted to state - being a parent and auditor - as soon as I read your your post - the red flags went up. I agree with ric-o that you should tell your parents and seek their counsel - hopefully they can provide some insight for you. I would proceed with caution as well with your teacher - at this point what he is doing could be ethically unsound given his position as your teacher - meaning he could hold your grade over your head if you engaged in this venture and things went sour - just one example. Further - depending on the push he is giving your class on this - you may wish to do again what ric-o suggested and ask him why you guys and not the techies - could just be he didn't think of them or wanted to provide your class an opportunity... however it seems suspicious.

    'Course even waaaaaay back in my day we had a science teacher who would like to offer some of his students paying jobs working for him or doing some side jobs - nothing shady - but now thinking about it - it was akin to your situation - just be cautious and keep your parents involved on this.

    Please let us know what happens and good luck!
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    Well, I have taken onboard what people have said, and in this day and age it is wise to be very cautious. Things have deteriorated one hell of a lot since I was a kid.

    The only point that I would make is that if I wanted assistance with office, invoice printing, inventory control and the like, I would go to kids in the business studies class not those in a technical class. They would have no idea of the requirements, processes and so on.

    Kids these days know about using computers, many know far more than older people. I would look for people who understood the requirement, as the technology is pretty basic and "out of the box"

    Just my 0.02

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    Ok, so let me try to understand this from your somewhat sketchy description -

    Your teacher wants you and your classmates to show him how to print receipts?

    Ok, so show him - do it in class where the situation is monitored by the rest of your class, and passing teachers/administration. Yes, be sure to mention it to your parents and other teachers because caution is always wise. If there's not a computer in your classroom tell your school's principal to get with the 21st century and make the teacher bring his laptop if he wants to be shown.
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    I wouldn't do it for less than $25 an hour... depending on how computer literate the guy is, it could be a real pain in the arse...
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    Hey Hey,

    In high school you usually know your teachers fairly well (I did anyways) so what's your take on the teacher...do you trust him?

    There are a lot of opinions here to turn and run, but from what I know most of those people are our 'elders' to be polite...

    My Comp Sci teacher.. who was the head of our business department.. was the one that pushed me to get my business license.. While I still have it (and am usually behind on submitting taxes because I don't use it).. It was great while in high school.

    I sold computers to 4 or 5 of the teachers in the school, delivered them to their homes, set them up and supported them..

    Yeah sometimes I'd get a 7am call to support them, but I'd do it at 50-75 bucks an hour.. pretty good money for a highschool student..

    I started DJing for people through the school... being in good favour with teachers got me a lot of leniency... and had a lot of benefits (i'd get pulled outta class to fix PCs and get perfect on assignments and tests for that class)...

    I ended up leaving town before completing the deal, but I actually had the option of providing computers for the waste management services in my home town.. It was a teachers brother that ran it and he introduced us and set it up... had I not gone away to college and stayed in town for college I could have made quite a bit of money off that deal...

    You have to look at the person, how well you know them and use your own judgement...

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    HT~ has the makings of an excellent argument there. The thing about highschool is that you move through it from junior to senior over a period of some 7 years.

    Kids come and kids go, but the collective knowledge (or mythology) remains. It is passed down from year to year, is it not?

    So, if your teacher is a nonce, you should know by now?

    So, what do the seniors say?

    And, is he married and how long has he been at the school?

    I hope you get the drift

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