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Thread: IE creating a problem

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    IE creating a problem

    i am using WIn xp on my system and this IE isc creating the problem. i am using a 10 mbps lan network with the workstation.
    the problem is that all my proxy settings are right,my meesanger is working ,sharing is doing fine but in the explorer no site is able to open as it gives "cannot find the server". i possibly think there is some problem with the explorer only.
    is therer any way too debug the explorer or any stuff to cure it. is it due to any adwarew or malware etc. scanned it twice with the symantrec,but of no use. whether i should opt for mozzila or any other web browser.
    thnks in advance.

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    I would double check your proxy settings in internet explorer.
    go to Tools->Internet Options->Then click the Connections tab then click Lan Settings and fix if necessary.

    I recieve a similar error if i don't have the correct settings etc. and it's always due to the proxy settings not being set properly.


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