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Thread: network problem in linux

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    network problem in linux

    i am using fedora core 4 version on my system(dual boot xp also there). as in xp hardware detection is done automatically but in linux i don;t know why it is unable to detect my ethernet card. is there any way that my card could be detected,any software which culd help me out.
    also i wanna know more about "sambha" and it is use.any tutorial related related to it is there. i googled it but it was all bouncer to me as i am a begineer in it. plzz sugest something to both my problem.

    thnks in advance.

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    you could start by posting the type of card you are using...

    Under most linux distros the network config is done with iwconfig( for wireless) and ifconfig( for lines ). the default name for ethernet card is eth0. Read the man pages (man ifconfig) for the ifconfig ..they are actually not bad. You can also look here http://www.linuxquestions.org/ for further guidence.
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    hi mnchur
    trhnks for the suggestion actually i am using Intex 8139 D model ethernet card.
    also wannna know the link you have given is it worth wile or not, should i jin the community or not.
    thnks anyways

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    shals, whether you join linuxquestions or not is up to you, but you can find alot of info there. You don't need to join unless you want to ask a question or 500.

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    I would say that Linuxquestions community is well worth it. I have been working with linux for about 2 years now and i still find myself asking questions on their forums.
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    If your card works with XP it's no garantee it'll work on Linux.. It could be a driver issue..

    And it's "Samba" not "Sambha" Which is probably why you got zero results from google.. Have a look on http://www.samba.org. There's lots of info on their site..
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    This sounds like realtek card. Normally Linux recognizes these cards without a problem. Check your Linux config to see if the card is detected and you might only be missing IP gateway and subnet mask, in setup to make it work. If you are having driver problems you could try this:


    Also network cards normally come with drivers so check your floppy or a CD for
    Linux drivers.

    Hope this helps you.
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