Hey everyone, my name is felosi. Im into hacking/security. I admin a fedora server and own half a freebsd server with my friends. I am operator at zone-h.org.
I know a lil bit but I dont consider myself very knowledgable or a pro, still learning everyday but I dont think Im a noob.
Anyway, I hope there is lots I can learn here and maybe have some good discussions.
My web site is www.blackhat-alliance.org Its mainaly a multi-purpose site, still adding lots more to it. There are so many security/hacking sites and they all have the same thing. I figured Id do a site where just blackhats can come and find stuff theyre interested in and kill some time in the process, so its not dedicated to one field or another, still a work in progress. Its hard to run a site with legal content and open source only software and get traffic. Usually warez and such is good for traffic but I have abandoned all that because its more trouble in the ned and you attract the wrong types of visitors.

Well thats it, look forward to posting here.