Hey Hey,

nmap 4.01 was released last night (about 12 hours ago actually)... You can grab it from here - http://www.insecure.org/nmap/download.html

o Fixed a bug that would cause bogus reverse-DNS resolution on
big-endian machines. Thanks to Doug Hoyte, Seth Miller, Tony Doan,
and Andrew Lutomirsky for helping to debug and patch the problem.

o Fixed an important memory leak in the raw ethernet sending system.
Thanks to Ganga Bhavani (GBhavani(a)everdreamcorp.com) for
identifying the bug and sending a patch.

o Fixed --system-dns option so that --system_dns works too. Error
messages were changed to reflect the former (preferred) name.
Thanks to Sean Swift (sean.swift(a)bradford.gov.uk) and Peter
VanEeckhoutte (Peter.VanEeckhoutte(a)saraleefoodseurope.com) for
reporting the problem.

o Fixed a crash which would report this message:
"NmapOutputTable.cc:143: void NmapOutputTable::addItem(unsigned int,
unsigned int, bool, const char*, int): Assertion `row < numRows'
failed." Thanks to Jake Schneider (Jake.Schneider(a)dynetics.com) for
reporting and helping to debug the problem.

o Whenever Nmap sends packets with the SYN bit set (except for OS
detection), it now includes the maximum segment size (MSS) tcp
option with a value of 1460. This makes it stand out less as almost
all hosts set at least this option. Thanks to Juergen Schmidt
(ju(a)heisec.de) for the suggestion.

o Applied a patch for a Windows interface reading bug in the aDNS
subsystem from Doug Hoyte.

o Minor changes to recognize DragonFly BSD in configure
scripts. Thanks to Joerg Sonnenberger (joerg(a)britannica.bec.de)
for sending the patch.

o Fixed a minor bug in an error message starting with "eth_send of ARP
packet returned". Thanks to J.W. Hoogervorst
(J.W.Hoogervorst(a)uva.nl) for finding this.