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Thread: Questions about Scholastic Security Degrees and Jobs

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    Questions about Scholastic Security Degrees and Jobs

    I've been looking around online quite a bit recently trying to find schools that teach Network Security, not general networking. The programs are far and few and just don't seem to be the quality that I am looking for.

    I have an AAS in Business Information Systems with a concentration in Network Management (say that 5 times real fast), but the program didn't delve as deep as I would have liked. My AAS is from a local community college but the program actually teaches very little. We had one class on each version of win2k (prof, server, adv. serv), class on TCP/IP, and one class on AD (very short and watered down class). The program in no way shape or form touched any type of *nix systems, very little administration out side of just installing the OS ><, very little explanation of services, or management period.

    From reading the forums I graps that alot of you work in IT in some form or fashion, but what do you expect from new hiring? I want the program to atleast get me going in the right direction to get a decent job with out wasting my time. I feel I learned very little from my last program.

    The best program that I have found so far seems to be from UAT out of Tempe. Does anyone have any experience with this school or the people that come out of the program?

    Sorry if my post seems jumpy, I have alot on my mind. I guess in summary...
    1. What do you look for from new hirings? (if experience isn't an issue)
    2. Easiest way to get experience?(why do they make it so hard to get into the business..)
    3. Anyone know of schools with good programs? (Online programs a plus, young married guy w/ a kid.)
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    ...better get grounded in networking first. If you wanna be a cop, you better know how to drive.
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