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Thread: IP locator strange result

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    IP locator strange result

    Slightly confused while playing around with the IP locator and wondering
    if there is anyone that could explain the problem I stumbled accross.

    When doing a lookup on (lots of them around that IP say they are from Cuba)
    it reports the IP as being in La Habana, Ciudad De La Habana (province),

    Yet Arin reports the the IP block as being a part of

    UUNET Technologies, Inc. UUNET65 (NET-65-192-0-0-1) -
    HealthSouth UU-65-213-175-128 (NET-65-213-175-128-1) -

    Other sites offering an IP locator report the .130 net address as being down in Florida and Im curious as to how it is determined where the IP originates from. Only interested because if other website use the same locator wouldn't it cause problems accessing some websites that check to see where in the world you are (ie Paypall) ?

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    The IP locator on this site doesn't work properly I guess other ones suffer from problems as well.

    Our one thinks that I am in Amsterdam, Holland, although I have seen it put me in Washington State

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