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    Hi just opened a new site http://www.net-force.co.uk if somebody could take a look and give me any feed back it would be great, thanks


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    but enough of this, its over (i think).
    and the SOAP OPERA ends....


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    "Then move on dear boy", "I was kicking the ass of stupid little children like you", "Trot along now and play with your little friends....".
    This is how I belittle people, and it is very effective... it has no basis on who you actually are, no one here knows you, how on earth could they base any assumption on you being young, you could be a heated pensioner with no self esteme. Go and learn about social status, and you will see what is going on here, this is psycho-social dynamics (which is my field) not about techy talk.

    You might want to reply to this so you get the last word....

    Doctor Frond
    Sarcasm is a way of life

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    Originally posted here by morganlefay
    Stole this attachment from one of debs posts

    Its one of my favorites
    Hmm here's the same kid but now he's a dancing champ.


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