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Thread: enabling port 23

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    enabling port 23

    In windows, how do you enable port 23? I know ssh is better but still. Thanks.

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    Start the telnet service.

    Or bind another service to that port.

    You don't enable ports per se, you start the service associated with the port.

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    If you want to telnet in to your computer, you need to install a telnet server and enable it. When the telnet daemon is running, it will cause port 23 to be open. I wouldn't do it if I were you. Telnet (I'm sure I'm telling you something you've already heard) is a very insecure program.
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    I wouldn't say Telnet is that insecure as people think. Probably is if you are in a big local network using hub rather than switches.

    P.S.: I can't understand why do you want to run Telnet rather than SSH on a Windows machine.
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    Because telnet is easier to get up and running since it's built in. That said, you can use Cygwin to insall OpenSSH on your Windows box. Hum, I smell a video coming on.

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    I wouldn't say Telnet is that insecure as people think. Probably is if you are in a big local network using hub rather than switches.
    Telnet has no encryption capability.

    And switched networks do not necessarily offer any greater security. Ever hear of ARP poisoning?

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    I am not sure, but I think you can right click on my computer, click manage, go to services and start the telnet service from there... you can get there from administrative tools in the control panel also... as stated above, I would strongly advise SSH instead... but that is just my opinion...
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    If i was you i would use SSH but to get telnet going just start the service under services in Windows.
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    I'd go with the recommendation of using SSH on windows rather than telnet. You can bind the service to port 23 if you have programs that only go to 23. The security flaws in cleartext telnet and standard ftp are just boggling. Anyone with a sniffer on the network can see all passwords plain as day.
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